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September 30, 2016 Resources: Foundation of Faith; Voting Principles; Ancient Scroll

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and the foundation of the Christian faith. Christianity stands or falls with God’s Word. These truths deserve clear and zealous defense, not confusing and undermining statements motivated by “evangelistic zeal.”

I don’t often repeat links, but I want to re-post this video series once more before the 2016 Presidential Election. Dr. Kevin Bauder has put together a brief two-part guide on principled civic duty and voting that is excellent. In Part 3, Pastor Matt Morrell closes out the series with some further biblical admonitions. Thanks to Fourth Baptist Church of Plymouth, MN for hosting this discussion and for sharing it online.     |     Part 1     |     Part 2     |     Part 3     |

A fascinating recent archaeological discovery of an ancient scroll from the Book of Leviticus points again to the trustworthiness of our modern Bible texts.


September 1, 2016 Resources: God Gave Them Over; Paying the Price; Civic Duty

Romans 1 reveals a three-stage downward-spiraling process in which God gives unregenerate man over to some new low. The third and worst state is the giving over to a depraved mind. Their very thinking capabilities have been corrupted. This giving over is past tense. It has already happened. Man has long since arrived at this worst state. This article makes some good connections between that theological truth and how it is being animated in living color before our eyes.

Are we preparing ourselves, our churches, and our families to pay the high cost required of following Jesus? A day of reckoning is coming sooner than we’d like to think.

Dr. Kevin Bauder, my Systematic Theology  professor at Central Seminary and a dear friend, has put together a brief two-part video series on civic duty and voting that is excellent. Thanks to Fourth Baptist Church of Plymouth, MN for hosting this discussion and for sharing it online.     |     Part 1     |     Part 2     |


August 13, 2016 Resources: Voting (or not); Is God Pleased With You?; The Insider’s Bible

What is a Christian to do in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election? Like most of you, I’m fairly disgusted with our options and feeling a bit disenchanted with the whole process. However, of all the viable options before us, apathy is not one of them (and by the way, I would argue that a thoughtful decision to abstain from voting is not apathy; abstention in-and-of-itself is not what I’m talking about here). We must exert the tremendous effort required to think biblically, and then act on principle. These are difficult and complex issues, and we must approach them purposing to exercise wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.

Is God “always pleased with you?” Yes and no.

Should Bible translations aim to be easily understood by the broadest possible group of people? Seems like an easy question, but this author provides a compelling case otherwise.

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