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April 13, 2018 Resources: Be Ordinary; Church & State; On Race

This article aligns with a theme I landed on in an adult Sunday School class a few years ago: live an ordinary, faithful, plodding, daily life of faithfulness.

Dr. Kevin Bauder writes a helpful essay explaining the meaning of the historic Baptist distinctive known as the separation of church and state.

Though I disagree with Doug Wilson on certain important theological points, he is one of the best writers on current theological and cultural issues that you will find. His response to some recent bilge from The Gospel Coalition is eloquent, gracious, and accurate.



August 21, 2017: The Answer to Racism; Abortion in Iceland; Stop Justifying Pornography

The answer to racism is the same as the answer to every other sin: namely, the Gospel.

A note on the recent story about Iceland “eliminating” Down’s Syndrome via abortion. The context provided here is helpful.

I have not read or watched “Game of Thrones,” but this is a helpful post addressing its vile nature.

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