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December 5, 2016 Resources: Free Constitution Course; The (il)Logic of Abortion; The Gospel and Ecumenism

Hillsdale College offers a free online course, “Constitution 101.” You can view the lectures and also find links to several early American documents that are helpful to understanding the theory behind the founding of our republic. I’ve watched the first two lectures so far and recommend it to anyone trying to gain a basic understanding of how our founders intended for our nation to operate, and the timeless principles that undergirded their actions.

You might note that logic is really important to making good decisions (both in general and as it relates to morality).

Thoughts on the Gospel and ecumenical cooperation with Roman Catholics.


July 16, 2016 Resources: Why I Am Not Egalitarian; Economics and Humility; Children’s Ministry; Second Chances; Our National Insanity

Tim Challies has been writing a “Why I Am Not . . . . ” series. The post on Egalitarianism is worth a look.

A fascinating classic essay teaching both basic economics and a good dose of humility, this is one of my favorite reads of the year so far. It is part of a five-part series on rudimentary economics, an important topic in every era. Give it a try, you may realize you have more interest in economics than you thought.

On Children’s Ministry

Certain Christian catch-phrases are not very helpful – or accurate.

The insanity in California is on its way to a town near you (and me).

January 23, 2015 Resources: Liberal Churches, The Greatest Danger, Teaching Theology to Your Kids, and an e-book sale

It’s been too long since I’ve posted here. My month-long hiatus was unintentional, but apparently necessary. The last month has seen me out of town for nearly three weeks with family Christmas travel and seminary classes, but I return bearing much new material! Since I wrapped up the Knowing and Loving God series in December, I’ve started or finished three more seminary classes. At least two of those are subjects on which I took copious notes and am tentatively planning to turn into series’ here on the blog. Both of them fall under the study of systematic theology and will be highly useful to anyone who reads them (I certainly did not create the content of the classes, so that’s not a reflection on me!).

The first series comes from my Systematic Theology IV class: Sin and Salvation (Hamartiology and Soteriology). The second series came out of Systematic Theology V: The Church (Ecclesiology). Central Seminary structures their systematics (the most core doctrines of the faith, and the ones you’re most likely to find in historic creeds and confessions, along with your own church’s doctrinal statement) into six classes, with some covering just one major area of theology and some covering multiples. I hope to be able to turn the remaining four systematics into blog series’ as well once I complete those classes. But for now, these two series’ alone will likely get us through Spring and into early Summer. I plan to jump in soon, but for today wanted to pass along some resources I’ve been saving up as I’ve run across them, enjoy!


Is Your Church Functionally Liberal?

The Greatest Danger to the Church Today? Well-meaning pastors.

How Do I Teach Theology to My Kids?

Christian Book Sale for Amazon Kindle

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