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April 28, 2017 Resources: Lessons from History; Fundamentalism; Neglecting to Gather; Providence and Evil; Wolves

Over the past year I have done a significant amount of reading on John Adams. This means – based on the the fact that you cannot read about a singular historical figure in a vacuum – that I have also learned much about Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Abigail Adams, the clumsy arrogance of many British leaders, the rebellious spirit of certain over-zealous patriots, the debauchery and gross immorality of the French in the years leading up to their murderous revolution, and the bloody separation that marks the birth of our nation. One thing that reading our own history has done for me is to prove that we do not live in the best, or worst, of times. This article highlights that great benefit of reading, discussing, and applying history: ballast in turbulent waters.

Scott Aniol writes a great article that explains and defends (with clarity, simplicity, and brevity) the core idea of Christian “Fundamentalism.” And by this definition, I am content to be called one.

This article on Hebrews 10:24-25 and its application to church attendance caught my attention because I have been reading this passage in the incorrect way that the author describes.

God’s providence in an evil world.

Wolf. Heretic. False teacher. These words are easy to throw around without really understanding what they mean. With the grave implications of labeling someone such, we ought never to do so until we understand precisely what is meant by these terms.


April 11, 2016 Resources: Church Size; Triage; The Spiral; Using “Means”; In Our Image

While certainly disagreeing with the Lutheran theology that comes through in this article, the author’s main point and the logic undergirding it are sound: congregation size is not determinative of your eternal destiny (but you already knew that).

Doctrinal triage: What, exactly, is heresy?

How has the church sunk so low in our age? It has not come all at once, but in a painful downward spiral.

Historically, a debate has raged among Protestants over the use of “means” to effect the salvation of souls. This article brings a solid approach to the discussion.

A very brief, to-the-point article on the Jesus of the Gospels.

November 25, 2015 Resources: Give Thanks; Pragmatism; Doctrinal Triage; Rome; Advent Readings

Why is pragmatism off limits for biblical decision making? This article helps us to understand its massive dangers.

It is important to have the ability to recognize which Bible doctrines are centrally attached to the Gospel, and which are not. Which is to say, it is important to know the difference between true heresy, and “mere” bad doctrine.

Roman Catholicism is not just another denominational branch on the Christian tree. It is no church at all, for it denies the true Gospel and anathematizes true believers who Christ died for and loves.

Free book of Advent devotional readings

Finally, a couple of posts related to an important Christian priority: giving of thanks. Pause today to give thanks, while considering how central thankfulness is to the life of faith.

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