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September 5, 2017 Resources: The Hatefulness of Leftists; Helping Houston; Pat Sajak

This is what faithful Christians are up against in the already-lost culture war. It is high time we prepare ourselves to pay the price required to stand firm to the end. Jesus taught his disciples to count the cost of following him, and he told them that the truth would divide members of the same household. It has and it will. Prepare yourself, your family, and the other members of your church to see Jesus and be found faithful in that day.

We ought to grieve with and help brothers and sisters facing the kind of serious destruction and loss that Christians in Houston are facing. How can we help? Here is one way that both churches and individuals can give to the relief of suffering saints.

Many people in my age group place little value on their past, and fail to realize that just beneath their feet are several sets of sturdy (albeit imperfect) shoulders upon which they stand. A lesson on appreciation comes from a surprising source: Pat Sajak.

The most recent Nick of Time article from Central Seminary included the hymn below. It is a fitting encouragement for our day, and a reminder that past generations of Christians have suffered for maintaining a biblically faithful witness. As it looks more and more likely that we will soon too, reminding ourselves of these dead saints and their rich theology and tender affection for God in the midst of hardship is a worthy and necessary exercise.


Shall I for Fear of Feeble Man
John Wesley (1703–1791)

Shall I for fear of feeble man,
The Spirit’s course in me restrain?
Or undismayed in deed and word,
Be a true witness for the Lord?

My life, my blood, I here present,
If for Thy truth they may be spent,
Fulfill Thy sovereign counsel, Lord;
Thy will be done, Thy name adored.

Give of Thy strength, O God of pow’r,
Then let winds blow, or thunders roar,
Thy faithful witness will I be:
’Tis fixed, I can do all through Thee.


October 31, 2016 Resources: Worship in Exile; Andy Stanley; The Reality of Him and Her; Conversion

I recently attended a seminar at Calvary Baptist Church in Wakefield, MI that covered the topic of worship, and specifically, how to worship the Lord in a foreign land. Just like the Jews in Babylon, we are worshipers in exile. The seminar was based on the lament of Psalm 137 and the main speaker, Scott Aniol, has a recent book that encapsulates very well the issues he covered at the seminar. Ironically, just a few days before the seminar, Ligonier Ministries posted an article on the exact same topic. This is a good thing for us to be thinking about as we realize more and more the truth that has always been present: we are strangers and exiles in a foreign land. How ought we then to worship?

To a mature Christian, the authority, inerrancy, and infallibility of Scripture matter deeply. Which is why, if you are a believer who is still giving ear to what comes from Andy Stanley’s pulpit, you would be wise to cut his influence from your life.

Here is an excellent piece on reality – the ways in which our culture is attacking it, and why preserving it is important.

The problem of “asking Jesus into my heart

July 25, 2016 Resources: Handling Cultural Pressure; Parenting Wisely; End Times; Churchianity

As our culture implodes, we will certainly be asked hard questions in which biblical answers will prove highly unsatisfying, if not offensive, to our inquisitor. How do we handle these questions?

Really helpful thoughts on parenting biblically

We Christians love our end-times speculations. Here’s a refreshing wake-up.

Here is a really strong article on “Casual Churchianity” and what it means to persevere to the end.

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