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January 9, 2017 Resources: Are All Sins Equal?; Three Christmases; Church History

Are all sins equal in God’s sight? Yes. And no.

The Three Christmases

My church history professor at Central Seminary, Dr. Jeff Straub, recommends a handful of books to deepen our understanding of the Reformation as we approach the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses.



June 29, 2016 Resources: Church History for Children; Guns and Christians; Tolerating Islam

I am not familiar with anything from this author other than this article on the importance of teaching church history to our children. But the article was very helpful and represents a mindset towards history that I share. While I wouldn’t agree with everything said (particularly the section where her covenant theology comes through clearly), I agree with most of it and wish church history was a topic that Christians took more seriously.

Here is an interesting argument on why many influential voices in our society are blaming guns and Christians for the Orlando attack.

A really fascinating piece that considers some historical, social, and theological underpinnings of radical Islam and asks if the U.S. can continue to tolerate Islam.

I could say this in just about every post, but as usual, I do not necessarily agree with every single point made by the pieces linked to here. I post them because I find that, by-and-large, they help me to think more clearly about the topics they address as they contribute one or two or three more pieces of the puzzle. They are helpful, not infallible.

June 10, 2016 Resources: Public Prayer; Sufficient!; I’m Being “Transparent”; History Shmistory

Though aimed at pastors, this piece is instructive to all involved in the corporate life of the church local (which is to say, all believers).

This is an impactful (and incredibly brief!) contribution to the conversation regarding the sufficiency of Scripture in the life of the church.

Transparency is a good thing. Isn’t it?

I’ve asked this question myself, and heard it asked by others since: is church history really that important?


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