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December 22, 2017 Resources: Ann Judson; Preservation; Christmas Gifts

On this date in 1789, Ann Hasseltine (later, Judson) was born. The story of the Judsons is a moving one. If you have not read it, I’d encourage you to find a copy of “To the Golden Shore” by Courtney Anderson, as well as a copy of “My Heart In His Hands” by Sharon James. Both will move, strengthen, and encourage the hearts of believers.

Here is a good introductory (video) conversation on the reliable transmission of the New Testament.

Should we give gifts at Christmastime or withdraw from the practice altogether?


December 14, 2015 Resources: Bible Deals; Entertain Me; The President; Swords of Imagination

50% off ESV Bibles at Westminster Bookstore through the month of December

Man’s chief end is …. to be entertained, of course!

The Devolution of the American Presidency

The Christian imagination is an important category to ponder. If you don’t have time to read all of Russell Kirk’s “Five Swords of the Imagination” at once, try one at a time over five sittings. It is a fascinating topic.

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