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February 4, 2016 Resources: Free Tozer Books; Mr. Simple-Faith

I recently helped a church member search for some Christian content online and stumbled across these free copies of A.W. Tozer’s classic works “The Knowledge of the Holy” and his lesser-known “The Root of the Righteous.” Anything free by Tozer will more than reward the effort of a quick download.

Who’s better, Mr. Bookwork or Mr. Simple-Faith?


Why blog?

While some of the answer is briefly covered in the “About” section of this blog, I want to offer some specific insight into what spurred me to start

I have loved reading since I was old enough to do so. Reading proves mildly useful in the pursuit of Christian maturity. Yes, the dramatic under-emphasis there is intentional and tongue-in-cheek. Reading is crucial!

At times in life I’ve also enjoyed writing. And unless one reads well, one will almost certainly not be able to write or speak well. This is an idea that Doug Wilson (and I’m sure many before him) refers to as “copiousness.” Let me be clear: I am not claiming to be well-read, or well-written (is that a term?). I desire to be so and this is a small step in that direction. But I am not there yet. If you think I write well, you need to read more and better authors! (I almost put a smiley-face there to help mitigate the psychological impact of that last exclamation point. Then I remembered I’m writing on a highly professional medium now. We’re not on facebook anymore, Toto!)

So while I have a desire to put out a resource that will help build the Church, I’m probably going to be doing less writing at first and a fair amount of content sharing as I work on accruing some copiousness. As a matter of fact, I know this is going to be the case because I tried something similar on my facebook page a few months back. I put together an occasional note called “Today’s Readings” that often included some devotional thoughts from Scripture, as well as some current content from other authors. I quickly realized facebook notes weren’t really cutting it, and so the move toward blogging began to take shape.

This desire to learn and equip others grew further as I considered some of the needs in the flock that I serve in Dollar Bay, Michigan, and how frequently I was coming across helpful articles that met specific areas of need which I felt under-equipped to address. Early on in ministry here, it seems like every issue or question that comes up is a new one. This can seem overwhelming as each time I scurry off to find Scripture to guide my thinking in this area, and to see what others have to say who have previously completed the same exercise. This is not at all a bad thing. It’s just very demanding work. I’ve lamented to a few friends that I can’t wait until I get my first repeat question in pastoral ministry. That will be the day!

This constant (and healthy) pressure to know the Word better has taught me much of what God says about the matters raised, and has brought a number of good resources to my attention from others who love Him and seek His face faithfully. It is this wealth that I desire to share with you, the reader.

It will not be done perfectly. I will write things that later will cause both of us to cringe. Repeatedly. I will share links to things I soon realize were utter foolishness. And, if you are a believer, this is one of the ways that the Holy Spirit will reveal His presence in your life and mine. We will both be forced to test and re-test things according to Scripture. Proper biblical discernment will be needed at just as it would be anywhere else. If you look to this extra-biblical (that means “outside of the Bible”; it does not mean “really really biblical”) resource or any other as infallible you will be let down. If you use these types of resources ahead of, or instead of Scripture, you will not be aided.

My desire is that my words here, and those of any others, will point you to know and love Him more perfectly. However, a great part of that responsibility lies with you.

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