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April 10, 2017 Resources: Luther’s Bar Music; Insanity & Hope; The Rationality of Faith; Perfect Worship

“Martin Luther used the common drinking songs of his day as the tunes for his hymns,” they say. “So, we can too.” This one is of special note to me because I once had an intellectually brilliant and seminary-trained young man use a similar line in a conversation we were having about appropriate musical styles for worship. At the time, I did not know he was mistaken and had no answer. I’ve heard the claim repeated since then, but thankfully have also heard it thoroughly debunked. Here’s one example of the de-bunking (use CTRL+F to search the article for the word “bar” and also read the comments at the bottom where Scott Aniol more specifically addresses German “Bar Form”). The claim is simply not true (as it is usually intended) and the reason for the misunderstanding shows tremendous ignorance in this area on the part of the one trying to argue for it. (And let’s face it, even if it were 100% true, would we really want to sign off on everything Luther did and said? Me thinks not.)

The insanity of secularism and the genuine hope of Christianity

Premoderns believe that truth is “up there.” Moderns believe that truth is “out there.” Postmoderns believe that truth is “in here.” Without using these specific terms, Steven Anderson illustrates that Christians are premoderns and that faith in “up there” truth is not only not irrational, it is the only rational option.

There is only one possible perfection in every worship service, and though you can probably guess what it is, this is a helpful practical article of how to incorporate it.

May 27, 2015 Resources: Redefining Marriage; Worship; Discipleship; Preservation of Scripture; Church Membership

Lots of links today, but it’s been a while. Hopefully this will keep you busy in a good way for a few days!

What is the Proper Way to Worship?

Discipling Kids Involves Apologetics

Is our Bible based on reliable copies of the original manuscripts?

What should a church expect from its members?

Is Church Membership Really That Important?

Christian Complicity in Redefining Marriage in America

February 23, 2015 Resources: Biblical Confession; Inerrancy; Workplace Evangelism; To Lent or Not to Lent?

Lots of good and timely resources today, enjoy!

Picking and Choosing Our Piety

Liturgy is cool

Incredibly helpful article on “workplace evangelism” that applies much more broadly to how we evangelize in any context. (Part 2 here)

What does biblical confession look like?

It is disingenuous to espouse an inerrant and authoritative Bible while playing fast and loose with its contents.

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