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February 6, 2017 Resources: Worship Music; Abortion; Retirement; Politics and the OT; Four Volumes Project

Mark Snoeberger of Detroit Seminary writes an interesting article on the choice of musical styles in corporate worship.

Abortion, and political expediency

On Christian retirement

My favorite quote of 2017 comes from Kevin DeYoung in this article: “And when in doubt, let’s all feel free not to say anything at all (!) about a complicated issue that we’ve been thinking about in between Dude Perfect videos.” Three cheers for DeYoung. As I’ve said before, sometimes we just need to shut up while working to rectify our obvious ignorance of the issue at hand.

For the many Facebook Ph.Ds who have magically developed into Old Testament scholars in the last two weeks, this is a good starter. After 15 or so more years of intense Bible reading and study, the world may benefit by hearing from you again.

Parents: This looks like a very promising project. Joseph Hyink aims to help you and your children learn the content of each chapter of Scripture.

White House Petition

Another petition, this time asking the White House to order a Federal investigation of Planned Parenthood. Please sign and then share as far and wide as you are able.

August 17, 2015 Resources: Flabby Minds; “Unlikely” Conversion; Love Your Wife; Petition

From Pastor Michael Riley, “If you’re looking for an interesting book to listen to, consider the free book of the month from Christian Audio: Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. The author was formerly a feminist lesbian English professor at Syracuse, and she came to Christ.” https://christianaudio.com/free/

Love this title: Fit Bodies, Fat Minds

I need this.

Please sign this petition and spread it far and wide.


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