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May 25, 2017 Resources: The Storm is Here; Community; Worship Plan; OT Chronology

Are you prepared to lose your job for the sake of Christ? Your property? Your family? The culture war is lost and we must fully face the grim reality that is upon us: either compromise our core Christian commitments, or we will pay dearly. Christians can no longer kick the can down the road, the storm is here. The moment of suffering is upon us; the day of reckoning is at hand. If we do not begin, even at this late hour, to finally count the cost of following Christ and to purpose in our hearts to do so, the chances are slim that we will stand firm when our own painful moments of decision come.

I recently had a phone conversation with a close friend about Christian “community.” This article better states some of the things I was trying to state in that phone call, which is: genuine community is inextricably linked to rightly understood church membership (not the cheap Country Club version most Christians think of). And church membership is based upon covenant. Membership and covenant provide the basis for meaningful community. If you don’t have the first two, you won’t have the last. Ironically, this community, the local church, is the only institution to which we can join ourselves and be guaranteed to survive the storm that I mentioned above.

The Christian Life in Miniature: A Well-Planned Sunday Worship Service

An incredibly helpful chart of how the OT books fit together chronologically

May 12, 2017 Resources: Mangled Words; Broken Wolves; Relevance

David DeBruyn explains proper authority in contrast to authoritarianism. However, his essay goes further and gives an excellent summary of how those in authority must sometimes act in ways that appear to be self-serving. Because of this, godly leaders will at times be accused of selfish motives even while acting faithfully and sincerely. But the preservation of one’s reputation is secondary to obeying God, and false accusation is a wound that a godly leader must be willing to bear.

Beware of Broken Wolves

An excellent essay arguing that Christianity needs to be relevant . . . . and also not relevant.

April 28, 2017 Resources: Lessons from History; Fundamentalism; Neglecting to Gather; Providence and Evil; Wolves

Over the past year I have done a significant amount of reading on John Adams. This means – based on the the fact that you cannot read about a singular historical figure in a vacuum – that I have also learned much about Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Abigail Adams, the clumsy arrogance of many British leaders, the rebellious spirit of certain over-zealous patriots, the debauchery and gross immorality of the French in the years leading up to their murderous revolution, and the bloody separation that marks the birth of our nation. One thing that reading our own history has done for me is to prove that we do not live in the best, or worst, of times. This article highlights that great benefit of reading, discussing, and applying history: ballast in turbulent waters.

Scott Aniol writes a great article that explains and defends (with clarity, simplicity, and brevity) the core idea of Christian “Fundamentalism.” And by this definition, I am content to be called one.

This article on Hebrews 10:24-25 and its application to church attendance caught my attention because I have been reading this passage in the incorrect way that the author describes.

God’s providence in an evil world.

Wolf. Heretic. False teacher. These words are easy to throw around without really understanding what they mean. With the grave implications of labeling someone such, we ought never to do so until we understand precisely what is meant by these terms.

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