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July 18, 2017 Resources: Thinking Well; Elitism; Costly Believism; Stretchy Pants; Common Myths

David DeBruyn has been putting together a fantastic series that is nearly concluded.
These two recent posts are especially helpful:

When we talk about “right thinking” as Christians, what do we mean?
And on a related note:
How do we respond to the idea that robust thinking is nothing more than “elitism”?

The alternative to a Gospel presentation that is guilty of propagating “easy believism” looks something like this.

When I see obviously ridiculous behavior passed off as legitimate worship practice by those who purport to be sane Christians, I usually want to throw an epic tantrum on facebook. Tim Keller having a bunch of dudes in tights performing “liturgical dance” at his church gets me in such a mood. But occasionally wiser, cooler heads¬†respond in wisdom and grace,¬†and I take a deep breath and walk away. (But don’t get me wrong…..there’s still a place and time for a Doug Wilson or Carl Trueman flavored response to such frivolity).

We’ve been talking about apologetics and evangelism quite a bit lately at my church. Here are some common myths about early Christianity.


July 14, 2017 Resources: Fundamentalism vs. Ecumenicism; Information Overload; Three Great Conservatives

This is a fantastic summary of the history of the rise of Christian Fundamentalism to meet the challenges of theological liberalism in the early 20th century, and the rise of the ecumenical movement that undermined Fundamentalism and the Gospel in the mid- and late-20th century.

This article addresses the idea of judging the trustworthiness, or ‘authority,’ of the information we are exposed to every day. Cut adrift in an endless sea of information, how does a person living in our age judge what is true, and good, and beautiful?

Here is a very good introduction to three great conservatives of the 18th century, written by perhaps the best one of the 20th.

June 21, 2017 Resources: Hymn Singing; Divine Impressions; Romans

I’ve already mentioned my recent attendance at the 2017 Conference on the Church for God’s Glory hosted by First Baptist Church of Rockford, IL. Here is a link to some of the uplifting singing that took place at the conference. There is something especially meaningful about singing serious hymnody with dozens of other men. It was a wonderful experience.

Here is a great article that very briefly explains why Christians like myself do not believe in ongoing revelation from God – even in the form of direct “impressions” or “hunches.”

Sinclair Ferguson is one of my favorite contemporary theologians. Here he writes an excellent and brief summary of Romans using the analogy of “exchange.” One important side note he draws out in this article is this: let us not think that the wicked all around are “getting away with” their wickedness. This is a skewed view of sin. Their very wickedness itself is a judgment of God upon them.

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