June 21, 2017 Resources: Hymn Singing; Divine Impressions; Romans

by Jonathan Hamilton

I’ve already mentioned my recent attendance at the 2017 Conference on the Church for God’s Glory hosted by First Baptist Church of Rockford, IL. Here is a link to some of the uplifting singing that took place at the conference. There is something especially meaningful about singing serious hymnody with dozens of other men. It was a wonderful experience.

Here is a great article that very briefly explains why Christians like myself do not believe in ongoing revelation from God – even in the form of direct “impressions” or “hunches.”

Sinclair Ferguson is one of my favorite contemporary theologians. Here he writes an excellent and brief summary of Romans using the analogy of “exchange.” One important side note he draws out in this article is this: let us not think that the wicked all around are “getting away with” their wickedness. This is a skewed view of sin. Their very wickedness itself is a judgment of God upon them.