The 2017 Conference on the Church for God’s Glory

by Jonathan Hamilton

For the second time in three years, I had the privilege of attending the conference summarized in this article. I heartily affirm everything stated, and would only add that Pastor David Huffstutler and the people whom he shepherds once again proved gracious hosts for this event. Pastor Huffstutler leads by example, working hard to ensure that each guest is treated hospitably at his church. He is a good man and there are many who greatly appreciate his willingness to host us each year.

I also want to say a heartfelt thank you to Pastor Brian Knight, the deacons, and the rest of the members at my home church, Bethany Baptist Church of Dollar Bay, MI. They graciously sent me to this conference again and continue to invest in me even though my family and I are moving to the Twin Cities in July to begin the M.Div. program at Central Seminary. They have not cut me off or treated me like  a lame duck pastor, but have graciously continued to give, knowing that much of their investment at this point will be reaped by other congregations in the future. Their treatment over this past year (since I informed them of my family’s plan to leave for seminary) has provided a model of humility, grace, and love as they send us off with riches we could never repay. I will always be grateful to them and to the Lord for their honorable hearts toward us, and I pray that we will be good stewards and earn many rewards for these folks to receive from the Lord someday (Php 4:17).