March 24, 2017 Resources: Church Freedom; OT Usage; Ordinate Affection; Sexual Revolution; The Poor

by Jonathan Hamilton

David DeBruyn, a respectable author who writes for a trustworthy website, offers a clarification on ‘freedom’ and ‘legalism’ in churches. His follow-up post on the Christian conscience is an excellent read as well. Writing that emphasizes biblical wisdom, knowledge, and discernment (Php 1:9-11) ought to be part of our regular diet, for important matters of judgment surround us daily and we will be held accountable for the choices we make.

Why (and how) do we read the Old Testament? Dr. Michael Barrett gives a concise answer in this 3-minute video.

There is an ancient thought that proves quite stunning to many modern Christians: We should not primarily love God for what he has done for us, but simply because of who he is. In other words, even if he had not chosen to save us he would still be worthy of our love and worship because “I AM!” Realizing this helps us to rightly order our affections. While this article is on the topic of our love for Scripture, it is an integrally related idea. One goes with the other.

The sexual revolutionaries have won and religious liberty is in deep peril. It is not pleasant to acknowledge, but it is high time we stop pretending like the culture war is still ongoing, admit we have lost it, and begin in earnest to prepare ourselves, our families, and our churches for the storm that is coming.

One current theological (and social) debate in which there is plenty of noise but not a lot of concern for what the Bible actually says is the area of ministry to “the poor.” I greatly appreciate Kevin DeYoung’s courageous willingness to take the unpopular position of agreeing with Scripture in this area. His book What is the Mission of the Church? is worth a spot in your library (read it before you put it there!). In this article, he very simply and convincingly interprets a commonly abused text.