August 25, 2016 Resources: Suicide of the Republic; How We Got Our Bible; Sound Preaching

by Jonathan Hamilton

One highly misunderstood (and under-understood) area is how we got the 27 books of our New Testament. Michael Kruger, who has written what looks to be a helpful book on the topic, writes a concise article outlining the basic points.

Why in the world would I link to articles about preaching when most readers are not pastors? Because non-pastors need to know what good preaching looks like. Think about it, if you are aware of what makes sound preaching, you will know when you are being preached to well and when you are not. This can be a great encouragement to those of us in churches with good preaching. But it will also equip you to help Christian friends who are in churches where the preaching is not adequate. Or it could prepare you to guide a believer searching for a church with good, sound preaching. The Christian life is not about merely knowing the Bible well enough to help myself. I need to be grounded in the whole counsel of God, in part, so that I may help other believers. All that said, here is a good article on sound preaching.

Pat Buchanan writes an article with some compelling facts and asks an unnerving question (but one that must be asked): “How Will America Commit Suicide?”

This is not a hot-button issue in my church (thank goodness), but many of you will be familiar with the debate nonetheless. This author offers a simple, solid argument against those who would say that only the King James Version of the Bible is God’s Word.