August 13, 2016 Resources: Voting (or not); Is God Pleased With You?; The Insider’s Bible

by Jonathan Hamilton

What is a Christian to do in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election? Like most of you, I’m fairly disgusted with our options and feeling a bit disenchanted with the whole process. However, of all the viable options before us, apathy is not one of them (and by the way, I would argue that a thoughtful decision to abstain from voting is not apathy; abstention in-and-of-itself is not what I’m talking about here). We must exert the tremendous effort required to think biblically, and then act on principle. These are difficult and complex issues, and we must approach them purposing to exercise wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.

Is God “always pleased with you?” Yes and no.

Should Bible translations aim to be easily understood by the broadest possible group of people? Seems like an easy question, but this author provides a compelling case otherwise.