June 29, 2016 Resources: Church History for Children; Guns and Christians; Tolerating Islam

by Jonathan Hamilton

I am not familiar with anything from this author other than this article on the importance of teaching church history to our children. But the article was very helpful and represents a mindset towards history that I share. While I wouldn’t agree with everything said (particularly the section where her covenant theology comes through clearly), I agree with most of it and wish church history was a topic that Christians took more seriously.

Here is an interesting argument on why many influential voices in our society are blaming guns and Christians for the Orlando attack.

A really fascinating piece that considers some historical, social, and theological underpinnings of radical Islam and asks if the U.S. can continue to tolerate Islam.

I could say this in just about every post, but as usual, I do not necessarily agree with every single point made by the pieces linked to here. I post them because I find that, by-and-large, they help me to think more clearly about the topics they address as they contribute one or two or three more pieces of the puzzle. They are helpful, not infallible.