April 22, 2016 Resources: Your Liberal Professor; Do We Really Know Lincoln?; Self-Defense

by Jonathan Hamilton

Six Questions You Can’t Ask Your Liberal Professor

Do we know Abraham Lincoln as well as we think?

A few months ago an article by John Piper reinvigorated a debate about the Christian view of self-defense, especially using deadly force. While I respect most of what Piper has stood for and taught over many years of faithful ministry, I think he was wrong on this issue. The late Rod Decker, whose article is being re-printed in the most recent Baptist Bulletin, seems much closer to the biblical position. [UPDATE: Unfortunately, Baptist Bulletin has truncated the original article and now requires a subscription to read the rest. Rod Decker’s longer treatment of the issue can be found here. If you would like a scanned pdf copy of the original Baptist Bulletin article, which is much more brief, please e-mail me or leave a comment below with your e-mail address and I will see what I can do. Sorry for the hassle!]