February 29, 2016 Resources: Music; 1st Grade; Resisting Temptation

by Jonathan Hamilton

As Christians, we easily accept the idea of the existence of absolute truth. But many of us are unaware that Christians have long argued for other absolutes, like goodness and beauty. Just as truth is not subjective, neither are these. This fascinating piece touches on what makes music beautiful. Even if, like me, you are not a trained musician, the principles laid out on this article are crucial in appreciating things that are truly beautiful and have implications for both life in general and life in the church. Even as a non-music lover (trying to fix that), I found this article on music as an essential liberal art to be relevant, helpful, and meaningful.

An excellent article on the challenge facing serious Christians and churches as culture disintegrates around us.

Pornography is an incredibly powerful struggle and it affects many Christians. While this article addresses specific ways to fight temptation, it also addresses larger principles like trusting God.