December 2, 2015 Resources: Decline of the University; Journals; Joy to the World

by Jonathan Hamilton

Sadly, this is a fairly difficult article for me to understand. I think it will be for most of my readership as well. I lament the fact that I have not read well enough or widely enough to be able to glean 100% of what is being said in articles like this, for the 50% or so that I can pick  up is surely worth the effort, and I know that understanding the rest would multiply the value of the whole more than double. But the only solution is to read more and better. I hope to do so, and encourage others to do the same. If we are to understand God and his world, Christians, of all people, must be disciplined, discerning readers.

Have you ever read a seminary journal? I’d encourage you to try it out. It is a periodical publication of longer articles written on a single theological topic, and is not necessarily meant to be read cover-to-cover. Many folks use it as a reference tool to read about things of particular interest. Here are a couple for you to try out: Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary   |   The Master’s Seminary

An interesting take on the classic hymn, Joy to the World