November 23, 2015 Resources: God Speaks Today; Preservation; Christian Masochism

by Jonathan Hamilton

Tim Challies writes about a time when John Piper actually heard God speak to him. This is a great article that reiterates the sufficiency of Scripture. In a day in which so many Christians effectively deny the doctrine of sufficiency by clamoring for something more than Scripture, wanting their own “personal” message from God, we are confronted with a sufficient Word that forces the question: Is it possible that God knew what message we needed, and that that need is the exact same for every human? God’s Word is remarkable in its ability, as the living Word, to proclaim one unified message that is the exact message that every man ever born needs to hear. Nothing more, nothing less.

I love how bluntly the author approaches this article, in which he defends the accurate preservation of Scripture even though we do not have the original manuscripts. Probably 90% of the articles I link to here are discussions from which I hope you might take away one small bit of truth from to help you to know and love God more perfectly. This article is one of the top 10% I would recommend saving, in addition to committing some of the facts to memory. It is a good basic tool for helping ourselves, our children, and even our skeptical neighbors to answer some of the challenges to the preservation of Scripture.

Another great read on how Christians ought to handle the increasingly pagan culture, and particularly in view of this time of year, the secularization of Christmas. I say ‘Amen’ to Snoeberger here.