October 19, 2015 Resources: Simple Living; Correcting Error; Bible Reading; Hymnody

by Jonathan Hamilton

A very, very good article by Dr. Kevin Bauder on what it means to live in true Christian simplicity

It always surprises and saddens me when professing Christians cannot see their way through the hazy mixture of truth and error to recognize and refute the error portion. Worse yet, they often criticize those who can see it and who choose to speak up. C.H. Spurgeon faced this problem in his day. We face it as well.

Five strategies for daily Bible reading

I heartily agree with this article on church music. While I also think that the style of church music is vitally important, John MacArthur makes a great point here about the lyrical content of our worship songs. And as I am discovering, we “conservatives” are quite regularly just as shoddy in our hymnody as the often useless songwriting of the “contemporaries.”