September 9, 2015 Resources: Comfort in Pain; Word Study; Congregationalism; Confessions

by Jonathan Hamilton

Chris Leavell is a middle-aged pastor recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. This letter to him is touching and meaningful, and provides a good example of how to speak biblically and lovingly to someone who is grappling with the reality of death.

Bible word studies can actually be unhelpful. This brief article does a good job explaining the basics of what I mean. I’d encourage you to read it, and if you want more check out the longer version linked at the end of the article. For an even more thorough (though at times, technical) discussion, get a copy of this book:


Hear Donald Whitney for what he is saying here: inventing a ministry doesn’t necessarily mean starting a new program, but rather jumping in where you’re already needed at your church.

A very good description of what true “congregationalism” should look like in a local church.

Carl Trueman gives one more good reason for subscribing to thorough doctrinal confessions.