Resources for Today: August 15, 2014

by Jonathan Hamilton

A topic I’ve begun to battle through recently; I see Christians on my right and left acting very differently towards this issue (and slandering one another while both are often wrong). 9Marks offers what I believe is a very good treatment of the topic from a sound doctrinal position ( is a tremendous resource for churches):

How ought the church to biblically think through so-called “Liberation Theology” and concepts of “social justice”?

Another great article to help measure whether or not your love for your family has exceeded Biblical bounds and found its way into the realm of idolatry:

7 Signs

Finally, over the past year, the fact that many Christians unbiblically try to justify God to unbelievers primarily by using extra-biblical facts and data has been obvious and troubling. As I’ve written on this blog previously, the New Testament is patently clear on how to win the lost (1 Cor. 1:16-2:17), and we can never convince someone to turn to God by merely appealing to a base intellect that is dead and blind spiritually. Extra-biblical facts and data cannot be the objects of faith, only Christ can. So give them Him! This article underscores that:

Apologetics Lesson from Acts