Resources for Today: June 23, 2014

by Jonathan Hamilton

It has been too long since I last published a post! I spent the past week checking out Central Seminary, and taking their free intro course called Knowing and Loving God which was taught by Dr. Kevin Bauder. I can assure you, his sense of humor and amiable nature contrast sharply with his quite serious photograph, though I give him full marks for an excellent start to what could end up as an epic mustache.  If you don’t know of Central or Dr. Bauder yet, I recommend you get to know them. Dr. Bauder writes a weekly Friday blog called In the Nick of Time which I recommend. And Central is a small seminary committed to the glory of God and the good of His church. I heartily support them.

All of this to say, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and write. However, I came across some great articles today thanks to Pastor Michael Riley, of Calvary Baptist Church in Wakefield, Michigan (You’ll have to forgive him, he’s a Tigers fan and occasionally uses his blog platform to discuss trivial matters like Major League Baseball. A more spiritual man would write about the Stanley Cup Playoffs or beef brisket). He sends out a weekly e-mail to his congregation with resources like these linked, and he’s been kind enough to add me to that e-mail list so that I can lift his material with greater ease. The first three below are from him.

Loving God for His Own Sake

Does the Christian Life Ever Get Any Easier?

Is It Ever Appropriate to Leave A Church?

Poor Interpretation = Poor Doctrine