by Jonathan Hamilton

This page is an alphabetical glossary of non-words and un-phrases you will find sprinkled throughout posts on PastorHam.com. I will update it as I find more places where the English language does not have enough descriptors to my liking already in place. Enjoy!


Bibdrenaline – that substance which flows through my veins when I am learning great old truths of Scripture for the first time; hopefully you’ve felt it, even if you didn’t know its name

Bworstbest of the worst

Carnivorivityeating meat, esp. the joyous reality of a meat-eating existence

Flexi-nant – a flexible covenant; like the kind made during political campaigns

Hamiltonian – a collection of words and phrases that are either entirely made up or clumsily cobbled together from the world of the already-existing, but hopefully possessing moderately intuitive meanings

Nonversationa pretend conversation to which you are only invited if you promise not to say anything valuable or contrary, but especially both

Redefined Charismata – a fun little tongue-in-cheek potshot at the notion held by some of my friends that the miraculous gifts of the New Testament are for today……they’re just not the same thing as they used to be…..but they’re still miraculous even if you can’t see them or (in the instance of tongues) understand them; yes, I know I’m caricaturizing (somewhat), but if I admit it it’s allowed

Twitterific – a pithy little zinger worthy of the Twitter-affected mind, often lacking in depth or clarity; which is to say, a data-less arbitrary estimate I attribute 95% of modern conversation to

Xtian – think “Xmas”