Helpful Readings for Today

by Jonathan Hamilton

A trio of articles for you today:

Derek Thomas writes on the question: “Is It True That Natural Man Cannot Do Any Good?”

Justin Taylor cites Sam Storms’ interesting perspective on evil increasing in the last days: “How It’s All Going To End

Scott Aniol of Religious Affections Ministries (a blog noted by some for its thoughtful treatment of conservative Christianity) addresses the idea that worship in the corporate assembly is different than worship in all of life, contrary to some current ideas: “Worship In the Assembly

A note of clarification, I do not faithfully read Derek Thomas, Justin Taylor, or Sam Storms, so do not take this as an endorsement of their writings in other areas. I do not know them well enough to make a blanket recommendation.

I read Religious Affections somewhat more frequently, though still not what I would call faithfully, and have appreciated what I’ve seen. There are also people that I trust who highly commend it to me. I am comfortable recommending it to you.

As always, proceed with discernment.