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February 6, 2017 Resources: Worship Music; Abortion; Retirement; Politics and the OT; Four Volumes Project

Mark Snoeberger of Detroit Seminary writes an interesting article on the choice of musical styles in corporate worship.

Abortion, and political expediency

On Christian retirement

My favorite quote of 2017 comes from Kevin DeYoung in this article: “And when in doubt, let’s all feel free not to say anything at all (!) about a complicated issue that we’ve been thinking about in between Dude Perfect videos.” Three cheers for DeYoung. As I’ve said before, sometimes we just need to shut up while working to rectify our obvious ignorance of the issue at hand.

For the many Facebook Ph.Ds who have magically developed into Old Testament scholars in the last two weeks, this is a good starter. After 15 or so more years of intense Bible reading and study, the world may benefit by hearing from you again.

Parents: This looks like a very promising project. Joseph Hyink aims to help you and your children learn the content of each chapter of Scripture.

The Most Influential American You’ve Never Known?

…or at least, if you’re average, you’ve never known. History buffs will certainly guess this one long before we get to the answer, but I suspect the ordinary American hasn’t run across him.

Reading on early America, his is a name that pops up nearly everywhere. Whether its theology, medicine, culture, the Revolution, the Founding Fathers, the Continental Congress, the esteemed place of Philadelphia in the early Republic . . . this man is there. He had the respect, and often the ears, of the most noted statesmen in American history.

A few of his accomplishments:

-Nearly single-handedly repaired the deep rift between his friends John Adams and Thomas Jefferson after the bitterly fought presidential campaign of 1800 (if you think bitter presidential campaigns are new, you haven’t read U.S. history)

-Appealed for the use of Scripture as a school textbook

-Was a signer of the Declaration of Independence

-Provided the title, Common Sense, for Thomas Paine’s treatise and assisted in its publishing

-Was a member of the American Philosophical Society

-Studied medicine in London and Edinburgh

-Elected to Continental Congress as part of the Pennsylvania Delegation

-Served as Treasurer of the U.S. Mint

-Boldly stayed in the city and treated patients through the yellow fever epidemic

-Upon his sudden death, John Adams said, “I know of no character living or dead who has done more real good for his country.”



Who was he? Philadelphia physician and patriot, Benjamin Rush

1. Mark A. Noll: “America’s God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln”
2. David McCullough: “John Adams”

January 9, 2017 Resources: Are All Sins Equal?; Three Christmases; Church History

Are all sins equal in God’s sight? Yes. And no.

The Three Christmases

My church history professor at Central Seminary, Dr. Jeff Straub, recommends a handful of books to deepen our understanding of the Reformation as we approach the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses.


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